How Jules Verne And HG Wells Inspired A New Business Start-Up

You may remember the scene from the classic 1960 movie “Time Machine” with Rod Taylor. It’s a snowy January in 1900, a dishevelled looking H.G. Wells – George to his friends – arrives late to his own dinner party. He tells his guests of his travels in his time machine surrounded by a world of gilded timepieces and scientific instruments.

Better still the fantastical world of Jules Verne and “Around the World in 80 Days” a story full of the romance and adventure of Victorian gentleman travellers so brilliantly portrayed by David Niven.

Age of Travel
It’s all beautifully designed pocket watches, globes and leather steamer trunks – the stuff that really made it the golden age of travel.

When first started looking for design inspiration, it was exactly this look that owner Penelope Mitra decided to follow. As she says “I love the beautiful woods and leathers that dominated furniture and accessories in those days. Even the simplest objects were beautifully crafted and designed to last”.

She and her team then went about finding the range of suppliers that could deliver the vision. The resulting collection of course goes far beyond Victoriana. It encompasses all that is great, classic design but all bears the hallmark of being “beautifully crafted and designed to last” – three words sum it all up – decorative – unusual – functional.

Think vintage rowing oars and leather trunks, reproduction First World War propellers and delightful vintage globes and you will get the idea. Tables and desk lamps from a bygone era but still perfectly built to work in the modern office. Wood and leather coffee tables and games tables that work as well as they look good.

In addition there are the lovely cocktail shakers and ice buckets that may hark back more to the Prohibition era but still have that timeless classic feel. These will grace the modern home as well as the stately pile.

Solid wood bookcases and cabinets complete the picture of a company that aims to deliver a unique and stylish take on modern living without compromising on beauty or functionality.

Essentially everything you will find on the website has a timeless luxury feel to it that gives you a feel good factor. With price points starting from as little as €19 up to €3995 you will find great ideas whether it is for your own home or for friends and family. brings together products from top companies such as Authentic models and Culinary Concepts London. We don’t believe in mass produced products – our whole ethos is around sourcing quality original products that will stand the test of time.

Based near Saint Emilion in South West France, is owned and run by interior designers so you can be sure that everything in the online store has been hand selected for its style, quality and beauty. We are French and English speaking so our multi-lingual team are happy to help with whatever you need.

Whether you are a homeowner creating something special in your own home or looking for an original gift, we aim to provide the highest quality of customer service. We know the high standards we expect from our suppliers and team and aim to deliver on those same high standards to our customers.

Couronne – pour la maison, pour la vie

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